Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Vergo 1.2

New in Vergo 1.2

  • Resource delivery signoff
  • Create plan from logical unit view
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Bug fixes


Resource Delivery Signoff


If you are delivering hardware or for other reasons want an end user to sign off a delivery, resource delivery signoff provides the possibility to add a signature with each resource. Just enable signature signoff for any resource type.


Create plan from logical unit view


Instead of having to search for your logical units when creating a plan, you can now, in the logical units view, select the logical units you want to create the plan for and choose to create a plan.


Keyboard shortcuts


To speed up the workflow in Vergo, we’ve added some desktop functionality thru out Vergo. This includes double click to open, shift select, escape, delete, ctrl + a and ctrl + s. Ctrl + f brings up global search in all views.


Atea Vergo 1.2 is available now at