It has come to our attention that a “bug”, or at least a weird feature, of .NET affects our recent releases (6.0.7/8 that we’re aware of). This causes users having an AD user object referencing an invalid SID to not be able to use most request services. Instead the message “An error occurred while enumerating the groups. The group could not be found.” will show in some way. This is not very common, but in domains where users have been migrated, we’ve seen this effect from having the sIDHistory attribute set.

So, if you have users experiencing this, and suspect this might be the case in your environment, we recommend you to replace the Accelerator.Infrastructure.dll in the \inetpub\wwwroot\[ServiceMarket]\bin to the hotfix one corresponding to your Service Market version. You can find it attached to this post, or download it from the usual FTP sites. Please contact us through if you have any trouble!

The next version (in the near future) will also have the workaround that fixes this issue.

We’re sorry for any inconveniences caused!

Here are the links: Accelerator.Infrastructure.6.0.8 Accelerator.Infrastructure.6.0.7