Service Market + PowerShell = This version!

We’re extending a hand to all you scripting people out there. With version 6.0.6 comes the possibility to add your completely own PowerShell scripts to be run in the Service Market standard workflows for virtually any product. The scripting functionality is primarily intended for Services utilizing Product Questions (i.e. Request Hardware/Software/Service/Incident Report and Deployment services) but will work in all workflows (with fixed value inputs).

The scripts themselves reside in a configurable location and can be searched and added to products in the new Scripts section of Product Administration


For each parameter (and an output) you can assign the product’s Questions independently or enter a fixed value. If enabled and properly configured to a Question, the output gets written back to the Order database in the workflow, and if applicable, to the Vendor or Completion mail before they are sent, so you can se the results in the My Requests service or mailbox.

Also, there is now a standard Generator that runs Powershell! By configuring it to run a PS (with one argument only) anywhere on the disk. The parameter sent to the script you can setup with inputs through the use of the standard Pattern Generator, so for example if you need two Question inputs, you can use this to concatenate them with a suitable separator before running the script.

As a finishing touch we’ve addressed an issue that new versions of Service Market needed some users to empty their cache to see new functionality. Hopefully this should no longer occur.

Please let us know if you come up with nifty ideas and solutions, especially with the new PowerShell possibilities – Happy scripting!