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We’re at it again! Releasing a new version, fresh from the build servers. It might or might not come as a surprise to you that we’re at 6.0.5 already, as the last version was snuck behind most people’s backs, but this time it’s all official. We’re proud to announce the latest added feature – the Wizard! With this on you Service Market start page you can bump up your end users’ experience, make them feel welcome, and guide them to ordering the right services.


Of course it’s fully configurable and translatable and gives you access to a lot of nice ways to filter out product ranges, as well as linking to specific services and/or products. All this is done in the new Wizard administration service, available through the Administration – Catalogue menu. Featuring drag-drop interface you can create, translate, move around and set up wizard “questions” in a hierarchy that fits your organization in a breeze.


We’re aware that it will take some effort to do this, but we believe the rewards will be greater still if you go through with it. As a complement to the search bar and the ordinary top menu, this can provide lot of different enticing yet guided paths to the right request. The tree of questions/paths can grow as large as you like, and there are lots of different combinations of filters at different levels possible to for example narrow down a selection of products in each step.


Give it a go and try it out for yourself at the next opportunity – New installs and upgrades will receive a barebones example, which those who don’t want it will have to get rid of through the administration service, but we encourage you to make use of it! Also NOTE that to be able to save your questions, they need to have something in the boxes for the active language, otherwise they will be in an invalid state and colored red in the interface (this will happen in a default install in Swedish, for example). We do appreciate feedback on this, because we will continue improving this feature over the next iterations.

Also we’re addressing some lesser issues, as usual, and we have also (for our own processes’ sake) moved to GIT source control, which makes us all the more agile and ready for future challenges!

Happy upgrading and installing!