We’re pleased to announce the release of Vergo 0.2.1 alpha!

The main focus in this release has been on back-end logic that later on will enable multi-tenancy and multi-project setup in Vergo. However, alongside a large number of solved issues, this release offers some brand new features (that will blow your mind).

First out, we’ve simplified the process of adding new logical units, just click the quick-add button (highlighted in the image below) on any logical unit node and type the name for the new logical unit.


In addition, when changes has been made to a plan that has previously been dispatched, you are now prompted with the question to update the dispatched meeting with the new plan information.


Lastly, we’ve introduced an embryo to the new project, tenant and identity system. However, in this release, you cannot yet login or change from the built in default project.

usersnippet             project

For those of you currently running Vergo 0.2.0, the Vergo 0.2.1 release will offer a smooth upgrade option.

To download Vergo 0.2.1 alpha, use Application Request Tool (ART):

Next version of Vergo is planned to be released in a couple of weeks, the content of this release is not decided yet. If you´re missing features or have any type of feedback. Please contact us on productsupport@atea.com!


That’s it, hope you enjoy it!