Hi everyone!

It’s time for a release of Service Market. We’re working on some more major features coming during this spring, so the first release of 2016 is in most aspects an issues and minor features release. With this in mind let’s have a look at the new stuff:

You can now configure the Service Market Synchronizer to send Approval mail reminders. The users who have pending approvals will get a mail every time the sync is run, which can be scheduled as often as you like. Note that customers running multilingual systems should consider tweaking the Nordic Approver mail templates to have the same order of variables as the English version, to allow for sensible translation of these mails. Please get back to us if this feature can be improved with more functionality.

There is now the possibility of configuring whether a user can target other computers than the one used at the moment. As of 6.0.3 the default settings is no. Note that this might change the experience for users when upgrading from 5.9.97, where this feature was first implemented, or over.

We now have local support for a product Package Type which has its own price. When it comes to ordering, it behaves as a normal sealed package, but you can configure the package price in Service Market which will show this price in the user services and in any Assets created from this package.

Let’s tease you about what we’ve been working on that’s coming: A question based wizard product finder for the start page. With this we will provide you with yet another nice way to let users find their way to the right services. You will not get to see anything today, but keep posted to get a first hand look when we (or you, send your wishes to us!) have figured out what our Agent will look like 🙂

Enjoy what winters you have until the next time!