We’re pleased to announce the release of Vergo 0.2.0 alpha!

It´s been way too long since the latest release of Vergo, but the contents of this release will be well worth the wait.

Along with a large number of solved issues, this release has focused on making Vergo platform independent…

First out, we’ve migrated all features of Vergo Desktop client to Vergo Web, which simplifies the installation of Vergo, and furthermore makes Vergo platform independent.

In addition, Vergo now comes with a new dashboard, showing overall project status along with detailed progress for each active Plan.


We’ve also extended the context action features for Resources, Plans, Custom Fields, Logical Units and Team Members, offering the user the ability to for instance dispatch multiple plans, export a resource csv from multiple logical units etc.


For those of you currently running Vergo 0.1.1, the Vergo 0.2.0 release will offer a smooth upgrade option.

To download Vergo 0.2.0 alpha, use Application Request Tool (ART):

Next version of Vergo is planned to be released early next year, the content of this release is not decided yet. If you´re missing features or have any type of feedback. Please contact us on productsupport@atea.com!

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!