Season’s Greetings!

Now it’s all the more delightful since we’re releasing the next Service Market version! In this release we’re adding two main features to Service Market: A Knowledgebase service and a Report Incident service.

The Knowledge Base Articles is a stand alone service for publishing articles in HTML that you can administer directly in a Wysiwyg editor in the Product Administration service. You can search for and go directly to the article through the Front page search.


This is the reading view, above, and the administration interface, below.


With the Request Incident Service you can set up incidents of different types with their own forms (created from Product Questions) that can be configured to integrate with for example other ITSM services through mail or other workflow activities.


The Report Incident landing page, above, and a specific incident, below. Incidents reports are configured in the Product Administration and are of course searchable from the first page.


Also, we’ve fixed a few other issues and added requested functionality, most notably a possibility to set a user Product Question default to target user in request services and a (somewhat convoluted, but still) way to have our workflows set AD-group membership from Product Questions and Generators.

Hope you enjoy it, and above all:

Have a very merry x-mas!