We’re proud to announce the latest version, 6.0.1, of Service Market!

In this revision we’re mainly adding two features, the first being that you can now add translations to Product Questions. This means the actual question, description, dropdown/combobox options and error message can be localized by clicking on the localization button (globe symbol) by the corresponding text box. The services like Request Service or User Deployment will work as before, but will show translated texts for the active language if they exist.


The second feature is a further development of the search functionality on the start page. You can now search for Service, Hardware or Software products in the search. The product hits are grouped under the corresponding service, and by clicking the product link you will navigate to the service page, with the search field populated and the product information popup opened.


pumpkinAs always, we’ve seen to a few issues, mainly in the 6.0 Product admin and start page.

Happy Halloween!