Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been 4 years since the last major version of Service Market, so it’s about time, don’t you think?

In this release we dare the next step, and officially release three major upgrades we have been working on for quite some time.

The 6.0 Start page
The face of Service Market has been revamped! Featuring a fully customizable carousel that you can use to feature your own content, the ability to pin services in the list of most popular Services, a search box to search for all active services and additional possibilities to add your own texts, using the Translations service. We’ve improved the experience of the GUI in general, of notices and announcements in particular and the look and feel is more dynamic and easy on the eye.


The Product Administration service
We’ve been bragging about it for ages, but now every new install or upgrade will get to enjoy the all new AngularJS-based interface. Administration of all kinds of products now reside in one service. Along with this we’ve factored out administration of Vendors and Terms of Agreement to their own services, all in the Administration – Catalogue menu. If you upgrade, all old product administration services will still work and remain in the menu, but if you’re happy with the new one, go to the Services administration in Configurator and hide them!


Mail templates
All mails coming from Service Market will now look a lot better and utilize a customizable Razor templating system we’ve built. Features include conditional sections and texts in the mails depending on involved users, products and orders; updated tables and layouts using mail compatible html and styling; possibility of leveraging all data in the order to make the most of your mails. Be aware that when using this, most environments will experience an approximate 1 minute delay from placing of the order and received mails.


From today, the work to take Service Market to the cloud will intensify, all the while we continue to ensure Service Market is the best it can be, so keep up to date on this site to see our cloud-based new version emerge, as well as the regular releases and updates.

The documentation for the new services is now avalible on the ftp.

Enjoy it, and send us your feedback!