Boom! We’re pleased to announce the release of Vergo 0.1.1 alpha!

Along with a large number of solved issues, this release is a bit more feature focused than the previous one…

This update includes the ability to edit ‘Resources’ in Vergo Web. We’ve also focused on making this feature responsive (like all features in Vergo Web), allowing the user to work on any device. In addition, we also added features that enables the user to scan the input for each field using a barcode scanner. Additionally, to further simplify adding input to custom fields, you can now specify in which order custom fields should be shown for a specific resource type. Easy enough? 😉

Untitledplaceit (2)

We’ve also extended the Tag-feature to ‘Plans’, offering the user the ability to add tags to plans. In addition, you can now search and properly sort plans.

Project Managers can now add an abbreviation to a ‘Logical Unit’, more specifically a short name for the logical unit (so why didn’t we use the term ‘short name’, well…).  For instance, given a logical unit with name “Atea Global Services” the abbreviation could be “AGS”. We’ve also added a “magical potion” -button that automatically (or magically) generates an abbreviation based on the logical unit name.

Specifying unique and descriptive names when creating a ‘Plan’ can be somewhat tedious work (classic sales pitch!). Therefore, Vergo Client now offers the ability to automatically generate a name for the plan, based on the assigned logical units (by abbreviation).

 lu2     LU


For those of you currently running Vergo 0.0.9 or Vergo 0.1.0, the Vergo 0.1.1 release will offer a smooth upgrade option.

To download Vergo 0.1.1 alpha, use Application Request Tool (ART):

Next version of Vergo is planned to be released mid October, the content of this release is not decided yet. If you´re missing features or have any type of feedback. Please contact us on!

That’s it, hope you enjoy it!