We’re pleased to announce the release of Vergo 0.1.0 alpha!

Except a large number of solved issues, this update includes the ability to add custom tags to ‘Resources’. These ‘Tags’ can be shared between ‘Resources’ and used for filtering the table of ‘Resources’ (see image below).


We’ve also changed the way Vergo handles ‘Logical Unit’ -hierarchy and recursivity.
For instance, when adding a ‘Logical Unit’ to a ‘Plan’, child units are no longer considered as included in the plan.

For those of you currently running Vergo 0.0.9, the Vergo 0.1.0 release will offer a smooth upgrade option. In addition, the Vergo 0.1.0 installer will automatically take a full database backup before the actual upgrade is executed. Better be safe than sorry, right?

To download Vergo 0.1.0 alpha, use Application Request Tool (ART):

Next version of Vergo is planned to be released early October, this release will most likely include updates and new features in Vergo Web (upon request). If you´re missing features or have any type of feedback. Please contact us on productsupport@atea.com!

That’s it, hope you enjoy it!