Hello everyone! It’s about time for a new version, don’t you think? Well, now it’s here: Service Market 5.9.97. This is more of a bugfixes release, since we’re saving the new stuff until the upcoming 6.0 release in about a month. But since it’s been quite some time since the last version, and have addressed quite a few issues in the meantime, it makes sense to let everyone get it as soon as possible.

The major change is that Software and Local Administrator services now work in a consistent manner, so as to have the same configuration options when it comes to ActiveX fallback. This is a Windows 10 requirement since with the Edge browser ActiveX will no longer be available. Now you can use ReverseDNS, SCCM User Device Affinities, or AD lookup across all services needing the local hostname.

In this release we ship Glimpse with Service Market to allow you and ourselves faster and easier diagnosis if something goes wrong. The HUD is visible only when browsing on the local server and is by default installed in http://localhost/servicemarket/glimpse.axd. Please have it on only for actual troubleshooting, for minimal disturbance of Service Market’s operation.

Among the issues fixed we have a memory leak (due to an underlying .NET issue) affecting Process Manager which in some rare cases could consume more and more memory and cause a sluggish Service Market until restart of the service. It of course also includes the hotfix outlined earlier, as well as a host of minor issues.

That’s it, hope you enjoy it!