In this release we have continued to improve the generators and new product administration, mostly improving category management such as sorting and change tracking. When closing the category editor with unsaved changes you will now get a notification asking if you want to save before closing the editor.

While working on categories we decided to unify the categories in our request services. They are no longer separated in request hardware/software/service and are now sharing the same categories.

They still work the same way by only retrieving the categories that contain the same products as the request service, for example request hardware will only get categories that contains hardware products.

We have also decided to drop support for Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2007, SCCM 2007 & SQL Server 2008. Note that these systems will still work only that we no longer will provide support and include them in our testing. This will allows us to focus on implementing newer systems.

Looking ahead we have started to implement the new startpage and this will continue during the summer. If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact productsupport(a), we appreciate your feedback.

We wish you all a great summer!