The latest Service Market is now out!

This is the last iteration that we have the new product administration in focus. From now on, we will still get back to it and improve it from time to time, but we’re moving on to other stuff. It’s still in beta until the release of 6.0 come autumn, but it’s now more usable than ever.

The category editor in product administration is now in place, with an easy way to put products in a category as well as edit the category tree with drag and drop.



Note that the category tree in the request services will change to reflect this in the next version, so as of now you can only create new categories here for the Hardware products, you can however move around and rename categories for Software and Service products.

You can now see which fields are mandatory to save a product in the product administration service. The validation feature which we will work side by side with this will come in the near future.

We have improved translations and fixed a lot of issues that have been reported to us (thank you!) or found by ourselves.

We’re planning and designing a new front page for Service Market – it’s still baby steps and all that, but you’ll get a sneak peek as soon as we’re confident we’re going the right way.

Finally the UserName generator now has a choice of adding a number to the first generated user, or not.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!