Yes, it’s finally here, the 5.9.94 with a small but exciting featureset.

We’re making the beta release of the new Product Administration, along with the possibility of editing product questions. Make sure you test it and get back to us! It’s still hidden by default, but you can turn it on using the Service adminstration in the configurator. There are yet a few features to implement, most notably category administration and form validation features for the product editor. But these will come as soon as possible.


Also, the new product admin supports the SCSM template and create work item functionality.


The Invoice comment feature of last release is now complete in that you can actually find the comment afterwards, most easily in the Search Request service.

There’s a new generator again, called Visibility, that you can use to hide or show Product Questions depending on the answer in one or more other questions.

We have also made a lot of fixes for small and somewhat larger issues, continuing our mission to bring you the best Service Market ever. Notable among the issues was the possibility of posting a workflow many times by hitting refresh, which should now be taken care of.

Like last release we also see fit to let an old service go, this time it’s Request User (NOT deployment 🙂 and it’s wingmen Cancel User and User Templates. As of this release it will no longer be available in Service Market.

Keep sending us your thoughts, not only because we enjoy reading them; it also helps us make the solution better for you!