Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Service Market 5.9.93!

Many of the main points of this release are to do with generators in one way or another. With the new Filter generator, one product question can filter out options in a different question.filter-Country

You can make a drop-down’s options depend on the choice in another.



The Active Directory attribute generator can fetch information from an Active Directory object picked in a question. And finally a new User Name generator that generates a username, validates it and suggests the next available one if it isn’t available.

Users now have the ability to send a comment in the Request eSHOP Hardware workflow and have it end up on the actual invoice, this is a request from a customer that we hope will make their and your work easier!

Finally, we are sadly, but firmly, letting the Central Exchange service pass into history. It’s been a grumpy old friend, and a reliable source of interesting challenges, but now its time has come.

As always, happy upgrading and installing!