It’s time to release again!

We’ve made it a bit better by improving services, fixing issues and implementing change requests. All the while being set on finishing the new Product Administration service. It’s slowly coming together for us and I think we’re not too many releases from letting everyone in there to enjoy all the freshness.

One of the more notable changes in this release is the possibility to configure the Tools and Batch sections in the Deployment services. The tools section visibility is now based on whether there are any active Action products for the service and product type, and the Batch section visibility can now be set using the Configurator. In a new installation these settings now hide the sections by default, so don’t worry if you can’t find them – they’re just a few clicks away!


We now also support multiple, or list, values in Active Directory in the textbox type Product Question. By entering a semicolon-separated string you can now set a list of values, e.g. proxy addresses. I’m sure more Question types will follow, should the need arise.

We have also fixed a unsaved changes feature in the new Product Administration. When trying to navigate away you will now get a confirmation dialog, helping you remember if you’ve made changes that need saving. The new Product Administration’s more robust and modern use of Web API and AngularJS made this an easy task compared to earlier services!

Finally we have added a few small features, among them the ability to have the Service Market order ID in the Goodsmark for an order and having more allowed characters in distribution list names. As always we also have addressed as many issues as possible that have come to our knowledge.

That’s it – a fresh new version! Enjoy it while it’s the latest and greatest, and let us know how to make it even better!