It’s that time again, a new version of Service Market is here!

During this release we have focused on implementing some small new features. First of is a new search field which we call “Additional Information” in the service Search Request. This search field will make it possible to search for requests with a specific computer name or any other answer for a product question. You can also use this to search for specification items for the request.


We have also updated the workflow for Request Service so that it now supports adding users to Active Directory groups. In order to use this function you must configure the product in the new Product Administration service. If you need help to activate the new Product Administration service please contact productsupport(a)

Delivery address is now visible in the summary page for hardware requests. So that you can verify that the delivery information is correct before submitting the request.


When you are using Request User Deployment it is possible to enable Lync accounts and now we are also enabling Enterprise Voice for Lync accounts.

Of course we have continued working on the new Product Administration service. We have added Software specific values for User and Computer products. It is now also possible to manage Terms of agreements.

Many issues have also been resolved, more specific graphical issues, language problems and most important problems with Access Restrictions. For Access Restrictions we have added three new type of restrictions User, Computer and Group. This means that if you create a new access restriction and select user type, that access restriction will only be valid for user objects in Active Directory.

Spring is here and we truly understand that you are trying to catch a moment in the sun whenever you can but don’t forget to try the new version of Service Market and the new Product Administration. Have a great weekend!

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