Today we release Service Market 5.9.9. It’s an updated version with a lot of new functionality in the new Product Administration service. We have also resolved some issues and added some small features that we think you will appreciate.

The Product Administration service is something that we have been working on for a really long time now, but we are confident that it will improve the administration of products in Service Market. We currently have four different services for managing products in Service Market the goal is to replace these services with one new. This will make it easier for us to add new functionality or fix issues but hopefully it will also make it easier for you. Many have requested Save As functionality for Software and Hardware products which was released in version 5.9.8. In this release we have also added collection binding for Software products. So if you have been waiting for Save As for Software products you should be able to start using that in the new Product Administration today.

The collection binding looks were similiar to the group binding for Software products.


We also added possibility to manage vendors for products. You can create new vendors, edit them and delete them.



For computer deployment products we have added the functionality to add MDT roles. You can change the priority of the roles by dragging them up or down.


The product question section now contains more functionality. You can add generators to questions and remove questions from products. You should be able to start using this service for test purpose. If you haven’t tried the new Product Administration service yet, do it now!

In My Approvals it is now possible to see the delivery address for Hardware orders.


We have fixed issues in the report view and the mail templates have also been updated. Remember that we never overwrite mail templates in the database. If you are upgrading Service Market from a previous version the mail templates will not be updated so if you would like to have these new templates let us know.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback let us know at productsupport(a)!