Almost four weeks since we released the version 5.9.6 so it is about time we release a new version. Service Market 5.9.7 is now available on our FTP!

We have managed to add a lot of new functionality to the new Product Administration. It is now possible to delete products from the list view by selecting one or many products from the list. This is something that has been requested for a long time and we hope this will make it easier to manage several products at once. We have also added a confirmation dialog in order to prevent that you delete a product by mistake. Of course you can also delete a product in the edit view.

We have added a lot new functionality for the edit view. These functions are basically the same as in the old administration services but we hope we have improved them a lot. You can now set the system owner for a product with help of our new select user control.






You can also upload an image for the product (and you can use drag-and-drop if you are running Internet Explorer 10 or higher). Currently we support jpg, jpeg, png and bmp files, are we missing any important image type?








Since we are trying to combine this administration for all different types of products it is important that you can edit product specific values such as MDT or SCCM settings for Computer Deployment products. So we have added new sections for specific configuration values based on the operation type and product type. We hope this will make it easier to understand which settings are general for all products and which are more specific for a product type.


We have also made some minor improvements in the service but we are not yet finished. Next up is the Product Questions section which we know is used a lot in the old administration service. We hope that we are doing things better and easier to work with. We really want your feedback on our new Product Administration. If you need help to try the new service send us an email at productsupport(a)

We have made some improvements to My Approvals and My Request. We have added more information such as the complete name (previously user name) for the requesting and target user in the details view both in My Request and My Approvals. We have also added information about who is the actual approver in My Approvals in case you are using alias. We also added more additional information such as computer name in both services.

Another functionality that we have been working on this release is the ability to connect to a Configuration Manager server in another domain. In order to get this to work you need to specify an administration account for the SCCM server and change the connection string to use SQL server authentication instead of Windows authentication. If you need this please contact productsupport(a) for more information.

We haven’t received any feedback on Internet Explorer 8 so today we are dropping the support for Internet Explorer 8. If you are still using Internet Explorer 8 we cannot guarantee the Service Market will work correctly after an upgrade. But to be completely honest you deserve better then Internet Explorer 8. It has been almost four years since IE 8 was released and a lot has happened to our modern browsers since then. We are always working hard to bring you a better experience and enhanced functionality but this also means that it comes a time when we need to let some things go. Things that belong to the past and things that are slowing us down, Internet Explorer 8 is one of those things.

We hope you enjoy the new version and as always it is better than ever!