We are kicking of 2015 by releasing Service Market 5.9.5. Documentation and installation media is available on our FTP.

We have been working a lot with the new Product Administration service. It is not yet completed but we have introduced a lot of new functionality such as translation for product name and description, price for different currencies and added more product values. If you would like to try the new Product Administration service please send an email to productsupport(a)atea.com.

Besides working on the new Product Administration service we have added a new computer name generator. The concept is still the same but we have added a lot more configuration possibilities. As an administrator you can now select the areas where the generator should look for existing computer names so that you can decide which external systems that you are using. You can also choose if the generator should use gap fill or just add +1 after the highest number in the earlier generated computer name.

Of course we have also resolved some issues. Issues concerning OS deployment (OSInstall flag) and asset management. As always if you have any further questions or would like to provide some feedback contact us at productsupport(a)atea.com!