Today we have released Service Market 5.9.4 and it is available on our FTP!

It is now possible to have persisted requests (workflows) and approve the requests after an upgrade of Service Market. We know that this has been a major drawback and a really good argument for not upgrading to the latest release. By fixing this problem we really hope that even more of you will upgrade to the latest version. So we now support pending requests when doing an upgrade as long as you have version 5.8.0 or higher!

What else, well we have introduced two new configuration possibilities. It is possible to hide price for all services. This means that the price will never be visible for the end-user of the portal. This is a configuration value in Configurator, called “Show price”. This is how the search result looks in Request Hardware when price is not visible.


The second configuration possibility is to hide expiry date for all folder services. This is also a configuration value in Configurator called “Show expiry date for folders”.

We made it possible to add Active Directory groups to offerings. This means that you can control which users can request a certain product with help of groups in Active Directory. If you would like to try this please contact productsupport(a)

We have also fixed a lot of issues in the service Central Exchange (Logistics Manager) and some minor problems in Request/Manage Computer. Other issues in services such as Password Reset and My Information have been fixed.

We will continue to work on the new Product Administration during the next iteration so if you have any more feedback please let us know! Install and upgrade to version 5.9.4. It is by far the best version of Service Market!