A new version of Service Market is here! The release of 5.9.3 has been really exciting for us, we have been focusing on doing some new and cool stuff.

Today we have four different services for managing products in Service Market, which is not only confusing for our customers but also requires more work from us. So we are trying to bring these four services together into one service called Product Administration. One service where it will be possible to create and edit all different types of products in Service Market. Of course we are now trying to implement all of the improvement suggestions that you have sent to us regarding product administration such as “Save As” for all product types, activate product directly from search view and a better overview of properties for a product, these are some of the things we have improved. This new service is not yet complete and we will not release it today but if you would like to try it in a test environment please contact productsupport(a)atea.com.


In this view you can see that it is possible to search for both Hardware, Software and other product types. You can activate the product by pressing the switch in the left column.


We have also made the filtering of product types easier. You can choose all available product types or choose to filter your search by selecting desired product type.

We would really like to hear your thoughts about the new product administration service. Is there something in the old services that you have missed and we haven’t heard about? Or something that would really improve the administration of products?

During this release we have also discussed and elaborated with a new request logic. We know that it is frustrating to not being able to have workflows running during upgrade and that requests that are waiting for approval are being lost. We are working hard trying to solve this in a better way. We hope to be able to move much the request logic out from the workflows and only persist the information in the database. This will make it possible for us to improve the request logic in many ways. We will continue to work with this in upcoming releases and as soon as we have more information about our progress we will let you know.

So, not so many reasons to actually do an upgrade to 5.9.3. Well, we have of course solved a lot of issues that you have found, some graphical glitches, cost calculations, added more logging and solved issues concerning the Service Manager integration. Every release we do is an improvement of existing functionality!