2014-09-18 is a date to remember! This is the date when Jumpstart Hydration Wizard 2.1 was released. We have added more features and fixed a lot of bugs that have been discovered. The biggest update in this release is the MDT Monitor Event feature.

In previous versions you had to have MDT Monitor Event Service running on you client where you executed the Hydration wizard. The Hydration wizard fetched the deployment status from this service. Now, in the 2.1 release, the status is reported directly back to the hydration wizard. How does this work?

When you start the hydration wizard there is a field where you type in the URL to the monitor event service. This must be the local machine name and a open port, e.g. http://MyClient.jumpstart.local:54224/. This URL is then set as the EventService property in the MDT database for the remote installation. All status is now reported back directly to the hydration wizard that picks up the status message and displays it in the progress bar. How cool is that?!

You can find the latest version of the Jumpstart Hydration Wizard 2.1 on our FTP, ftp://ftp01.atea.se/Products/Jumpstart/JS Hydration Wizard 2.1

Please download the entire folder, subfolder and its content. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact out product support.