Since the release of Jumpstart 2.0, and the Hydration Wizard that came along with tha release, some consultants have experienced an issue where the remote installation does not start. This behaviour happens occationally and only in some specific environments. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to locate the exact cause to the issue.

In order to determine if you “suffer” from this issue, open the registery on the remote machine and check if you miss the key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Atea Jumpstart HydrationRegKeys










The reason why the installation does not start is because the PsExec command does not “work”.  The command in the RTM version of the Hydration Kit looks like this:

Psexec.exe -accepteula \\<Remote Server> -u <Username> -p <Password> -i <SessionsId> cmd /c <Actual command>

This works in some cases but if it doesn’t, please download the updated version of the JumpstartHydrationWizard.exe from the FTP and replace the existing exe file with the one on the FTP. The new command looks like this:

Psexec.exe -accepteula \\<Remote Server> -u <Domain>\<Username> -p <Password> -i <SessionsId> -h cmd /c <Actual command>

Notice the additional <Domain> and -h parameter.




NOTE! If you don’t experience the issue, do NOT upgrade. Download ALL files (inlcuding the DLL-files, and the files in the lib folder) and replace/add them to the existing Hydration Wizard folder.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support!