Last day I came across a strange validation error when I was running a SCCM 2012 installation using the Jumpstart Hydration Wizard. The error itself is not strange, but the solution to it had never crossed my mind. Until now.


The machine I was trying to hydrate was a clean workgroup Windows Server 2012 R2. Firewall was turned off, UAC was tured off, I used the local admin account. Everything looked good, but I couldn’t connect to it using remote WMI. The WMI call the Hydration Wizard is trying to do is the following:

Namespace: \\\root\cimv2
Query: SELECT SessionId FROM Win32_Process WHERE Name = 'explorer.exe'
Password: ***

I actually got the same result (Access denied) when trying to connect to the remote machine with wbemtest.

The solution, in this case, was to add a registry key that disabled Remote UAC. Turning the “regular” UAC off wasn’t enough obviously. If you encounter the same issue try add the following key to your remote machine:


Once the key was added everything worked fine. No reboots, no nothing.