Every now and then, we receive awesome customizations from our Atea consultants.

We decided to gather them at our FTP site. You’ll find the custom solutions at

/Products/Jumpstart/Custom Solutions/

custom solutions

Within each solution’s folder, there are folders corresponding to the Jumpstart versions tested with the solution.

Along with each solution comes a text file with a brief description.

First to enter the stage is Hallvard Glad, who contributed with a nice solution to enable UUID instead of the MAC address as the unique identifier of a client in OSD scenarios.

If you’re using the same network adapter (e.g. a usb network adapter) for deployment of multiple clients, this will make life easier.

If you are in possession of a custom Jumpstart solution, please contribute to the community by dropping me an e-mail (erik.nilsson[at]atea.com) or paging me on Lync.