By Mats Stenmark Atea 2013-12-16

Sometimes there is need for more Roles but OS-, LT-, and AP-. And this article will describe how to do that. Here is couple of new roles with prefix QW.

  1. Create new roles with a prefix not already used. In this example I will use QW-. And there is a small bug in MDT so if your new role don’t show up, open it in Workbench, add something, save, delete what you just added and save again.
  2. Create a new page in UDI wizard.
  3. Edit Jumpstart scripts and files.
    1. JumpstartUDIDataCollector.vbs
    2. JumpstartUpdateComputerRoles.wsf
    3. UDIWizard_Config.xml
  4. Update the MDT package in ConfigMgr.


How to create a new page in UDI.

Open UDIWizard_Config.xml. It can be found in the MDT Package source. Click Add Page


Give it a name

From Page Library to left, drag your new page in to the Flow. In this example I have added the Test page after Jumpstart Roles.

Click on Configure.

Drag a ComoBox to the page.

Click on the combobox

Click on Settings

Add a Task sequence variable name and Friendly name. Remember what’s under Settings. In this example above it already says QW. But when you create a new Combobox it will say Combo1 like the example bellow and when we open the .xml in an editor it will say Combo12. Save and close the UDI-Wizard.

Open UDIWizard_Config.xml in the MDT-package in an editor such as Notepad. Search for Combo12 and change it to your new prefix like QW. Do this in the three following places in the .xml file




Save file.

Now edit JumpstartUDIDataCollector.vbs found in the MDT-package and add two rows for your new prefix.

Save file.



Edit JumpstartUpdateComputerRoles.wsf and search for