Accelerator 5.8.2 is now available on our FTP-server! As mentioned earlier we now do shorter release cycles in order to be more flexible and to provide updates to you more frequently.

MDT Role Editor

We have been focusing on the Infra Manager for this release. We created a completely new service called ‘MDT Role Editor’. This service is available under the ‘Administration’ category.


In this service you can edit and change all the things concerning Roles that are available in the Deployment Workbench, but in a more convenient way. The only thing that we currently don’t support is Lite Touch Applications.


Filtering and editing your role settings couldn’t be easier. You can filter settings by typing any letter or word, you can also filter by category and you can choose to only show settings that have any value.


The ‘Applications’, ‘Configuration Manager Packages’ and ‘Role Administrators’ sections work the same way as they do in the Deployment Workbench, with one small exception, you can actually search for things instead of having to manually write the name of the applications (with the correct PackageID).

Of course we have included a lot of other improvements as well, especially in the ‘My Approvals’ service and for Product Questions. There was one particular problem that is worth mentioning with the Request User Deployment service that has been fixed. The problem was that new users were created with the flag ‘PasswordNotRequired’ set to true in Active Directory, which is now fixed so the flag is set to false.

We hope you will enjoy the new release! And give us your feedback!