A lot of UK and US folks have been in touch recently, some old faces and some new – which is great!. Some of you will know me from my 1E days, but what has become quite apparent to me in the last couple of months is the fact that most people outside of the Nordic regions simply haven’t heard of Atea at all. Really? Well, unless you attended MMS2013 that is..we did have about 65 people there..  So, in order to remedy that, I’ve created a new blog category called ‘About Atea’ (catchy huh?), and the aim is to introduce you to the crazy and interesting world of Atea and all our amazing solutions. But they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s a quick video…. just in case you still thought we were a small startup or something 🙂


Atea mänsklig logo from Atea Sverige on Vimeo.



Phil Wilcock