Although technology changes at a frightening pace these days, one thing that never changes is the need for learning. In fact with the amount of stuff coming out of Redmond just in 2013 alone you could pretty much read 24/7 for a month and still be a little behind…

So if you have finished reading the slew of reading matter that come out in May, here’s a new batch.

Helpfully most titles are in EPUB MOBI and PDF format so stock up your favorite e-reader now.. here’s a holiday reading tip. If you are off for a Summer vacation as I am in a few weeks, I find it’s always nice to read up on a technology that’s new to you rather than stuff related to your day to day work, and there’s plenty to choose from in this batch!

Technologies include  SQL, Sharepoint, SCVMM, Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 and much much more!

Thanks Microsoft!