For those poor souls who didn’t make it to this year’s MMS 2013,  I thought it would be unfair not to tell the rest of the world about ATEA’s amazing offer of a free trial of our World leading Cloud based SAM solution.

Here’s the juice..

  • Basic Edition of Cloud SAM –  free for 1 whole month.
  • This gets you a full usage analysis for Microsoft and Adobe client software,
  • …plus Detailed reporting for Adobe Creative suites
  • You get to see some of our lovely reports
  • Teeny-weeny bit of work at your end to install the Azure sync component.
  • … done!


Why oh why would you not want to take up this offer – we must be crazy!

Seriously though, if you are even considering SAM in your organisation now or in the future, this free trial gives you a great insight as to how a service based SAM solution works, at zero cost. Become a software licensing hero today!

To get more information or to sign up just send an e-mail to and we will send you the installation instructions.

Oh and here’s a great little write-up over at, just in case you’ve had you head in the clouds (really) and don’t exactly know what it is that you are missing out on!


Phil Wilcock