Hey there,

I know you people love to find out about new features that are implemented in our Atea software products without you knowing it. So here is a treat for you guys! Basically what we are launching with the next release of Accelerator is a great features set of already developed functions around managing large changes to AD groups and ConfigMgr collections. Basically the kind of stuff we do manually on a day per day basis but dont have a great tool to manage. Well, guess what? Now we have the ûbercool  tool set of services in Accelerator to manage it! I will let the following screens let your imagination run wild and I will get back to what you can actually do in a next set of posts! A price of an Accelerator T-Shirt for anyone guessing what you really can do!

First! Lets select the the stuff to manage:


Okay, we got the stuff to modify in our sight, lets make the sucker dance for us:


Now I whant you guys to take a long good look and imagine what you can do. And while you are doing that, ask youself a question; Do you feel lucky? Well do you punk? Feel lucky? 🙂

Best regards,


ps. No the graphics aint done yet, so hold yer horses! 🙂