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Here you will find the description of procedures in the getting started process in a new Office 365 subscription with help of Atea eSHOP. This guide describes steps required in order to manage users, licenses, domains, as well as contains other useful information for administrators of Microsoft Office365.

Description is aimed for administrators of Microsoft Office 365. Information can be useful also for other Office 365 users but some options in their profiles may not be available as described below.













To manage Office 365 users you need access to and administrator rights in MOP (Microsoft Online Portal).

Be Aware Be aware that this procedure for Atea clients has recently changed. Previously users were managed in Atea eSHOP. Now it is done in MOP. Licenses and subscriptions are still managed in eSHOP.



To manage number of Office 365 licenses you need access to and administrator rights in Atea E-shop. Please clickhere for instructions for logging in into E-shop. There you are able to increase or decrease seats of your existing subscription, add new subscriptions or purchase other Office 365 products.

Be Aware Be aware that official Microsoft information in support pages available online is giving instructions on how to manage licenses in MOP (Microsoft Online Portal). However, if you have purchased Office365 subscription from Atea, it will not be possible to manage licenses in MOP. For better subscription management possibilities, we ask you to manage them in E-shop.


3.     DOMAINS

If your company already owns a vanity domain, as a global administrator, you can configure it to work with your Microsoft Office 365. Domain redelegation enables you to create email addresses, Microsoft Lync Online accounts and distribution lists that use your own domain name. To add a vanity domain you need access to and administrator rights in E-shop.

Be Aware Be aware that this procedure for Atea clients has recently changed. Previously domains where managed in Atea eSHOP. Now it is done in Microsoft Online portal. Licenses and subscriptions are still managed in eSHOP.

Be Aware It is not possible to add your vanity domain to Office365 subscription if you are using it in another Microsoft product, e.g., another Office 365 subscription or BPOS.  (Business Productivity Online Services).



Microsoft Office 365 offers various subscription plans with different features in each plan. It is possible to upgrade or downgrade your existing plan to another one that fits your needs better. To upgrade or downgrade a subscription you need access and administrator rights in eSHOP.

Be Aware It is currently not possible to upgrade from Small Business plan (P plan) to Midsize Business and Enterprise plans (E plans). In order to move between the two plans you would need to cancel your account and then sign up for a different one.



You need administrator rights in Atea eSHOP if you want to manage Office 365 subscriptions (increase/decrease seats) and buy additional Office 365 products.

You need administrator rights in MOP (Microsoft Online Portal) if you want to manage users, reset users' passwords, create e-mail addresses and accounts, manage Sharepoint and other users' permissions, add and manage vanity domains.


6.     MAIL

For instructions on how to set up a mail account and manage e-mail addresses click here: Exchange



Microsoft is offering a lot of additional information about various Office 365 related questions and issues in its support pages.

Office 365 Community

Troubleshooting tool for Office 365

Introductory videos




Distribution group - is a group of Office 365 users, which share the same e-mail address.

DNS settings - The Domain Name System (DNS) provides a mapping between human-readable computer hostnames and the IP addresses used by networking equipment. Please read more information about DNS basics here

Domain - a common network name under which a collection of network devices are organized. (For example:

Domain redelegation - is the process in which you tell your current domain registrar (the company responsible for your domain records) to associate your domain name with the email services, web services and so on that are hosted at a different provider.

ECP - Exchange Control Panel provides web-published controls for Exchange. Office 365 administrators have an option to manage settings for the whole company and each user separately while users can manage their own account settings.

eSHOP - Atea's shop where you can find, compare and buy IT hardware, software, accessories and Atea services, follow the status of your orders and view purchases, use advanced functionalities to support your purchasing process and manage assortment and user rights for your organization.

Libraries - A library is a special type of list that stores files as well as information about files. You can control how documents are viewed, tracked, managed, and created in libraries.

Lists -  A list is a site component where your organization can store, share, and manage information. For example, you can create a task list to track work assignments or track team events on a calendar. You can also conduct a survey or host discussions on a discussion board.

MOP - Microsoft Online Portal.

OWA - Outlook Web App is a webmail service of the cloud server. You can access your mail from any computer by logging in with your Office 365 credentials either from Microsoft Online Portal or by going to pages or .

Security group in Microsoft Office 365 is a group of SharePoint Online users that is granted access to specific SharePoint resources by an administrator. For example, an administrator can create a security group to grant a certain group of people access to a SharePoint site.

Single sign-on also called identity federation, allows your users to access services in Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises with their existing Active Directory corporate credentials (user name and password).

A site collection is a group of SharePoint sites that have the same owner and share administration settings, such as permissions. Site collections are hierarchical, and always include one top-level site and any sites below it.

Subdomain - Everywhere in this documentation the subdomain is meant to be the domain name that you choose when registered your Microsoft Office 365 account. (For example,

Team Site - The Team Site is an internal site where teams or groups within your organization can connect with each other and collaborate on documents and other files. You and coworkers can use the Team Site to store documents and share them with other users, post internal announcements, schedule meetings, track tasks and issues, store information in lists, and so on. You can also create various subsites from the available site templates in the Team Site. For example, you can create a team blog for employees to share information, or a social meeting workspace to organize team events, company meetings, and so on.

Vanity domain - it is your company domain name that you have purchased from a domain registrar and own. (For example,

Web Parts A Web Part is a modular unit of content that forms a basic building block of most pages on a site. If you have permission to edit pages on your site, you can use Web Parts to customize your site to display pictures and charts, portions of other Web pages, lists of documents, customized views of business data, and more.

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