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Atea Global Services
Application Packaging
Application Packaging
Key Features

Application packaging is one of the most important software management tasks IT departments oversee in order to maintain a stable and productive end user environment. Desktop applications must work as expected, be configured and updated to the required level and be available from different platforms in a consistent, dependable manner.

At Atea we have perfected the art of application packaging, allowing for significant cost savings and time reduction for both IT and business operations. Our unique Application Manager portal streamlines and simplifies all processes related to application packaging. This portal combined with the Atea AppDisco solution for collecting, testing and creating application requests results in efficient, cost-effective application deployments without ever having to visit end users and application owners.
The workflow is based on ITIL process Application Management - Release Management.

Support for all common packaging technologies including MSI, Microsoft App-V, Microsoft App-X, Intune MSI, MAC packages, VMware ThinApp and Symantec virtualization.

  • ISO 20000 (ITIL) certified Service Delivery

  • ISO 9001 (Quality) certified Quality Assurance

  • 800+ application packaging projets delivered so far

  • Capacity of 1500+ packages per month

  • ´╗┐Fixed price per package no matter of complexity

  • Day-To-Day Delivery - clear and precise SLAs and KPIs

  • Support for all common packaging technologies

  • Reduced IT staff time spent on application documentation and discovery, user acceptance testing and deployment process 
  • Always fully documented application packages
  • Application packages ready for deployment - Install, Uninstall and Repair are all included
  • Reduced level of support calls from end users, increasing available time for higher-level IT projects
  • Increased productivity of end users due to reduced deployment-related application issues and up-to-date desktop software
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Top Questions
Which application packaging service is right for me?

It all depends on what you are in need of and what situation you are in...


As a starter, please refer to the overview table shown here


This will give you a brief overview of the different application packaging solutions Atea has and as mentioned above, it all depends on what your needs and requirements are. In reality Atea see customer making use of all packaging services in combination.


Customer use AppUpdate for their patching needs and for getting regular updates on all of those commonly used applications.


Contact us and let us have a dialogue about your application packaging need and we will find the right combination for you.



How are you ensuring the quality of the application packages you develop?

Atea Global Services is ISO9001 certified and has as such an extensive quality management systems in place. On top of that, Atea Global Services has built its own QA (Quality Assurance) process for developed application packages. It is an integrated part of our complete application packaging process, which consits of 7 steps:

  • Package Request
  • Package Assigned
  • Package Evaluation
  • Package Creation
  • Quality Assurance
    • Check if package is properly documented
    • Check if package is created according to best practices and packaging standards
    • Validate package
      • Resolve any identified errors during validation
    • Check if packaging and testing steps are accomplished
    • Check if package is created according to process
  • Package Testing
    • Determine extent of testing
    • Perform deployment test
    • Perform limited user test
    • Perform cleanup test
    • Documentation of test result
  • Package Delivery


All of this is of course in details documented in our application packaging service description, which at any time can be requested.



Security - how do you ensure, that my packages are not infected by malware?

Like all services delivered from Atea Global Services the security of our application packaging services is ensured by compliance with ISO/IEC 27001. Feel free to request our latest auditing protocol.


Furthermore all of Ateas PCs have installed an up-to-date anti-malware solution - it is updated on a daily basis. Before application packages are made available to our customers we scan them once more for malware with a different anti-malware solution and our secure ftp-servers are likewise monitored and protected by anti-malware solutions.