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Atea Global Services
Our March Newsletter is out now...

We have just send our March Newsletter here to read it.

Managed Services for ISV`s
If your vision is to go to cloud and become a SaaS provider, why would you keep your IT on premise? Press link below to learn more about how Atea managed services for ISVs can save you precious time to market and remove friction for you to become a pure SaaS provider. Services for ISVs
Atea Global Services participates in ESF project

Atea Global Services participates in ESF project

FREE Windows 10 Appl. Compat. Testing now available...

Thinking about moving to Windows 10?

Yes, of course you are. Why wouldn’t you?

It is an amazing operating system and after the more dubious Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft once more outdid themselves and finally released a worthy successor to Windows 7.

However, what about all your applications? Are you sure they all are compatible with Windows 10? Moreover, how do you test for Windows 10 compatibility?

Simple, use Ateas
FREE Windows 10 Application Compatibility Testing service.

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