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Thinking about moving to Windows 10?

Yes, of course you are. Why wouldn’t you?

It is an amazing operating system and after the more dubious Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft once more outdid themselves and finally released a worthy successor to Windows 7.

However, what about all your applications? Are you sure they all are compatible with Windows 10? Moreover, how do you test for Windows 10 compatibility?

Simple, use Ateas
FREE Windows 10 Application Compatibility Testing service.

Throughout the last decade, we have gathered extensive experience in applications – doing packaging, doing software asset management and operating hundreds of thousands of customer PCs. No one knows applications better than we do.

All of the experience we will make available to you for free – no strings attached.

Each of your applications will be verified against multiple data inventories with millions of unique data sets. It is not only about data from the Windows 10 certification program or application publishers information. It is about many years of experiences in application management and our experiences and information from daily software asset management. Those data inventories consist of proven and operational experiences about application compatibility. We will tell you what works, what needs to be upgraded and what might not work on Windows 10. We want you to benefit from our expertise and knowledge.
Only three steps are needed:

  1. Goto to the Atea RETHINK portal and register
  2. Click on the Windows 10 Application Compatibility button
  3. Upload your application list and the results will be shown shortly after

It could not be easier and you even have the option to download the results in your favorite file format for further processing.

Try it for yourself today and be on your way to an end-user computing environment with Windows 10. Click here to open the Atea RETHINK portal:


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