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Global Services
Self-Service and Process Automation
Self-Service and Process Automation
Solution Components
Too many day-to-day tasks are manual in today’s IT infrastructures. And many of these manual tasks are administrative exercises that happen to involve computer systems. Ideally an IT department is building and maintaining the underlying systems and services that support overall business strategies, increase end user productivity and simplify communication.
Atea Self-Service is a process automation solution for the end user enabling you to push the process of service ordering and management away from the IT department and out into the business.
End users and IT staff manage requests and resources through an easy-to-use web interface, backed by a powerful process engine and large set of automated workflows.
  • An easy-to-use web portal provides a unified platform for user that enables the ordering and management of services and software
  • Orders trigger fully configurable and automated workflows, with complex approval chains if required, that deliver the requested items automatically
  • Out-of-the-box integration with System Center Configuration Manager and Service Manager, including support for App-V and OS migration
  • Better service quality
  • Saved time through faster management and execution of requests
  • Process and resources trace ability and transparency
  • Positive end user experience with IT issue management
  • Service Market provides a web based portal providing end users with a single point of contact for ordering services and an automated process for their delivery. It contains a service catalogue where you can register and publish available services. This makes it easy to place IT orders. All orders are sent to the manager or resource owner for approval. Once the order is approved, it is automatically executed in the IT system. After each order is executed, the end user is notified and a log of the action is created. This complete end to end workflow is automated and can be configured to be as simple or complex as required.
  • AppMarket is a limited version of Service Market that can only be used for end user self-service in regards to software distribution. If a software shop is the only thing needed, when looking at end user self-service, then this version is the way to go. Application Manager Standard is also included in Atea AppMarket. Depending on the underlying infrastructure (Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Citrix, App-V etc.) these applications are delivered in different ways. If an application is not available in the current service catalogue, user can request to have new application packaged and made available in the portal. The request will go into the Application Manager after the approval to start packaging process is received. The new application will be available in the service catalogue and ready for installation when packaging is done.
  • Logistics Manager is a set of Service Market services focusing on hardware procurement. It offers simple asset management functionality as well. Users can request new hardware and trace the status of it by themselves. This functionality gives users the ability to view their own hardware costs, along with features to edit some of the asset’s statuses.
  • Application Portfolio Management is aimed at self-service and process automation as well.
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