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Client Deployment Management
Client Deployment Management
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Installing or upgrading to a new Windows Operating System (OS) can be a very expensive, complicated and time-consuming task. Analyzing the environment, planning the rollout, image preparation, capturing user data and settings, deploying images, reinstalling applications, and restoring user and application settings are just some of the many steps the process involves. It is one of the biggest challenges IT departments face today. Due to the complexities, organizations simply put off the migration or deployment until applications require the new OS or until support for their existing OS is phased out.
To tackle this problem Atea provides a consistent, repeatable deployment solution named Jumpstart. Based on Atea’s years of experience and technical capabilities, in conjunction with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager & Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Jumpstart allows you to build, deploy and maintain a standardized PC client platform.
  • Microsoft Deployment Best Practices provide a base support and upgrade path
  • Full integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • True agility allows you to easily manage remote locations, such as your headquarters
  • Unified and automated methods for providing all Microsoft operating systems
  • Built on Microsoft Deployment best practices, ensuring support ability and upgrade path
  • Integrates fully with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Unified, automated method of deploying all Microsoft operating systems
  • Reduce OS installation & migration cost and effort
  • Dramatically lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Best practices documented and accessible in one place
  • Improve consistency and reliability with standardized build processes
  • Application Manager - A product for managing all steps involved in application packaging from discovery to distribution.
  • Distribution Manager - A product which streamlines and automates the creation of objects required in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for successful distribution of software.
  • Infra Manager - A web based portal for administration of users and computers, aimed for the helpdesk and local technicians.
  • Boot Menu­ - An interface which allows user input and selection during OS deployment, built on the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit User Driven Installation (UDI) tools.
  • Web Services - A productized version of a web service which allows for automation of Active Directory and application installation tasks during deployment.
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