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Application Portfolio Management
Application Portfolio Management
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Managing an application lifecycle is an overwhelming task. It involves several steps and processes of requirement gathering, license purchasing, packaging, testing and monitoring. Most organizations find these tasks so complex and time consuming that they never even start them. Most application management tools on the market are so complex and hard to work with that they just add to the complexity, instead of helping with the issue.
Now, Atea has collected all its know-how about the field and created a comprehensive solution around Application Portfolio Management (APM). Atea APM is a robust software and services solution built on top of Microsoft System Center, aimed at managing and automating the entire process of Application Portfolio Management.
By using the Atea APM solution on top of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, a typical enterprise organization can save costs in excess of € 500,000 in unused licenses alone. Further savings come from:
  • Introducing efficient tools to manage and automate time consuming tasks in the application process
  • Introducing stronger integrations between components involved in the solution
  • Service Market - Self-Service portal for the end user, where the user requests are made
  • Application Manager - Webportal zum Management der Applikationen im gesamten Paketierungsprozess Work with your packages through the packaging process
  • AppDisco - Automates the management of the Discovery and UAT phase
  • AppDoc - ermöglicht die automatische Dokumentation der Anwendung und der individuellen Einstellungen
  • Distribution Manager – Automates your SCCM application & package creation
  • Compliance Manager - Gain stronger control of your license situation by extending the SCCM inventory
  • Application Packaging - Managing all processes of application packaging like collection, installation, configuration, testing and creating application requests without ever having to visit end users and application owners.
  • AppUpdate - Unique Atea concept, where we take care of the tedious job of maintaining the most common applications for you, without you even having to ask for it.
  • Software Recognition Service - Automatically identifies and categorizes all inventoried software in your environment.
  • Butt SAM - Minimizes software asset management administration by delivering various software and licensing reports online.

The user request & approval for the emerging application object


The package process & user acceptance tests


Distribution & installation of the application


Usage measurement & removal of unused applications


There is no product in the market offering the same amount of automation and workflow guidance out of the box as the Application Portfolio Management solution from Atea. All our tools can be tightly integrated in the process instead of just showing statistics and reports. They all work together, sharing information, allowing advanced workflows and automation in the application arena.

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